Our specially blended scented pillar candles offer the most pleasant way to light up and fragrance any living space. Our candles are exquisitely scented with a blend of the finest paraben free traditional oils giving them a truly fresh floral bouquet aroma. Once lit they burn slowly and evenly, as the flame burns down it lights up the artwork giving them a stained glass window, which adds to their charm. So if you are looking for clean burning eco & vegan friendly candles for your home or office? Then our scented pillar candles are perfect for you! Approx. burning time 23 hours per candle. Each candle comes gift wrapped in a cellophane gift bag tied with twine. H 4 “ W 2” H 10 cm W 5 cm. Please note: Should you wish to order more than one of these candles the postage has been combined automatically. Thank you.

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