Serendipity Candle Company was founded by Debbie Button in 1993 for people just like you,  who were looking for candles that touched your imagination.  Starting at home with a candle making kit, it took off from there to producing the first small baby elephant candle as a birthday cake candle for a friend.



Our range of handmade ornamental candles is truly unique, and made from the best quality eco-friendly waxes, wicks dyes and scents if we don't have quite what you are looking for we are always happy to make the candles to your requirements. Our animal candles can also be personalised to look like your pets.  Our ethos is simple to keep our candles green and at reasonable prices.



We were lucky to have started the company in the beautiful settings of Stapehill Abbey, which sadly closed in 2007, but are very happy to say we a have re-launched the company via our wesite.








Photography courtesy of The Daily Echo Bournemouth

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