Are you looking for a special gift for a cockapoo loving soul, then our beautiful candles could well be for you. All our candles are meticulously crafted by hand ensuring their exceptionally fine detail as well as their durability. They will keep as an ornament for years as long they are kept out of direct sunlight like a windowsill and are completely anti-static and fade free. Making them a perfect gift or keepsake for dog and candle lovers alike. Each candle comes gift wrapped in a cellophane bag with twine tie. And come fully house trained! As each candle is individually handmade it may vary from photos shown. H 5 1/2” W 4” L 5.5" H 13.5 cm W 10 cm L 13.5 cm Please note: Should you wish to order more than one of these candles the postage has been combined automatically.

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