7th December 2018 from Zoey Arato (via  Etsy)

Bought a lovely advent candle a few days before the 1st of December and didn’t expect it to come before Xmas but it did! The design & quality is great and the best thing is the price -absolutely brilliant and so much cheaper than anywhere else I have seen. Thank you so much!

 6th December 2018 from R. Shelly  (via Amazon)

In the past, I have bought larger more impressive looking advent pillar candles which annoyingly have burnt down in the middle hollowing themselves out without melting off the numbers. This simple looking advent candle is just perfect. It takes about 20 minutes to burn through from one number to the next - which is just about the right amount of time to hold the interest of small children -(watching the flame calmly, and safely from a safe distance of course !) would definitely make this purchase a new yearly tradition!

7th March 2016 from Mrs Painter via email.

"Having ordered two large Angel pillar candles in blue for Christmas from Debbie I waited with baited breath for them to arrive.  They were(and still are) absolutely stunning!  My home is full of Angels and I wanted these two for my sitting room thinking I would burn them over the Christmas period.  However, when I placed them in the room they looked so beautiful on my fireplace I could not bear to set light to them.  They seemed to resonate and harmonise with my blue Angel tapestry and statues that were already in the room and seemed "at home" in their new place.  To this day they still have pride of place on my mantle and there they will stay indefinitely. Thank you, Debbie, for creating such beautiful candles - I shall be back, as the saying goes! K. Painter

9th September 2013 from  Mrs Willow, Oxford via letter

"We bought this adorable Pug dog candle as a birthday gift for our Aunt, who used to have pug dogs, but can now no longer keep them. She loved the detail in this adorable ornamental hand made candle. Excellent buy and totally unique you could not find it anywhere else, and what's even better is it is anti static and will never need dusting".


5th August 2013 from Mrs Deacon, Poole via email

"My husband had been very poorly and in hospital for quite a while, and was missing our dog greatly.  Debbie kindly made a personalised candle of our dog Honey.  My husband couldn't get over the attention to detail and how much like Honey our candle looked.  Photos do not do these candles justice, they are so much better in real life".

25th June 2012 from Mr & Mrs Kempton, Leicester

"Debbie designed and themed our daughter’s wedding candles to our colours and tastes to match the flowers and outfits that we had chosen.  We had a stunning display of over 50 different candles in the alter and chapel which were absolutely fabulous and certainly wouldn’t be found in any other shop.  It made our daughter and son in laws wedding so very personalised and special".

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