This magnificent Chinese crested dragon is meticulously crafted by hand ensuring it's exceptionally fine detail as well as lasting durability. Individually made this waxwork makes a perfect keepsake or unique gift.

The Chinese crested dragon was originally made in 1999 as a commission to celebrate the Millennium New Year, being the Chinese year of the dragon.  In Chinese mythology the dragon’s legs would not have wings, this comes from European mythology.  The ancient Chinese craftsmen would have carved these majestic dragons in either soapstone or jade depending on how wealthy you were. It has many symbolic meanings but my favourite is to bring you good fortune.

We make the dragon with wax and eco-friendly additives which sets them even harder so they can be kept for years, out of direct sunlight, like on a windowsill. As with our candles they are also anti-fade and anti-static.


H 9” W 7" L 22"


       H 22 cm W 17 cm L 55 cm


The dragons are made to order, which takes two weeks and can be made in any colour or colours, please contact the Candlemaker for details, this product is only available to be collected.








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